AECT Conference 2014

Jacksonville, Florida; November 4th to November 8th


We are delighted to offer a broad cross section of research in systemic change including four panel discussions and 13 presentations at this year’s AECT 2014 conference in Jacksonville, FL.

This site has been developed to provide you with an overview of our program so that you can read the abstracts, see the presenters, and even communicate with them using the blog feature if you have a question or comment about their research.

For existing Systemic Change members your visit our organizational website here.

If you are interested in joining our division formally you will need to first join AECT here and then designate us as your primary cognate area.

Thank you.

Dr. Anthony Chow

AECT Systemic Change Division President 2013-2014

Wednesday, November 5th

3rd Level—City Terrace 08


Session: Systemic Change in Online Higher Education Programs

Page 2: A Systems Approach to Maximizing Voluntary Student Participation in Teaching Evaluations Delivered Online — Brian Beatty

Page 3: Developing a mechanism for systemic change in higher education teaching and learning — Dana Ruggiero, Jeff Boehm, Susana Romans-Roca, Neil Glen, and John Sumpter


Session: Examples of Implementing Systemic Change

Page 4: Engaging Disadvantaged and Marginalized Populations in the Systemic Transformation Process: Implications for Systemic Educational Change Theories and District-Level Policies — Sunnie Watson and William Watson

Page 5: Systemic Framework Supports Sustainability: A University – Elementary School Partnership Project to Raise in Academic Achievement for Children Living in Poverty — Beth Sockman and Regina Sayles


Session: Transformational Changes in Educational Systems

Page 6: Exploring the Influence of Academic Technology Professionals in Higher Education — Stephanie Glick

Page 7: Macro-level formative research on state-level paradigm change in Ohio: A case study — Eulho Jung, Minkyoung Kim, Scott Trepper, and Charles M Reigeluth

Page 8: How to Create a Personalized Learning Environment: Five Essential Design Principles — Dabae Lee, Yeol Huh, and Charles M Reigeluth

Thursday, November 6th

3rd Level—City Terrace 07


Page 9: Panel Discussion: The Role of Systems Thinking and Quality e-Learning in Higher Education

Facilitator — Beth Sockman
Presenters — Anthony Chow, Hoyet Hemphill, Brian Beatty, Paul McKimmy, Jason Huett, and Anthony Pina

3rd Level—City Terrace 04


Session: Transforming Instruction through Systemic Change

Page 10: Putting the Cart Before the Horse: A Generative Design for A State-Wide School System Transformation using Research Evidence — Eugene Kowch

Page 11: Redesigning Instruction to Create Systematic Change: A Designer’s Perspective — Debra Runshe

3rd Level—City Terrace 07


Page 12: Panel Discussion: Redefining program design: Designing systemic change by department

Facilitator — Hoyet Hemphill
Presenters — Michael Menchaca, Ariana Eichelberger, Catherine Fulford, Curtis Ho, Ellen Hoffman, Peter Leong, Meng-Fen Grace Lin, Paul McKimmy, Seungoh Paek, Matthew Schmidt, and Christine Sorensen

Friday, November 7th

3rd Level—City Terrace 09


Session: Infrastructure Systemic Change for Educational Systems

Page 13: Designing a Responsive e-Learning Infrastructure: Systemic Change in Higher Education — Anthony Chow and Rebecca Croxton

Page 14: Instructional Theory and Roles for Technology in Information-Age School Systems — Charles M Reigeluth


Systemic Change Membership Meeting


Page 15: Panel Discussion: The Flipped Classroom: Flop, Fiction, Fabulous, or Frightening?

Facilitator — Beth Sockman
Presenters — Jennifer Banas, Dennis Beck, Charles M Reigeluth, Drew Polly, Ross Perkins, Stephanie L. Moore, Lee Daniels, Lucilia Green, Monica Sulecio de Alvarez, and Bronne Dytoc


Page 16: Panel Discussion: Brain-based and mindfulness research: Potential systemic influences in education

Facilitator — Anthony Chow
Presenters — Jin Mao, Beth Sockman, Catherine Augustine, Edward Schicatano, and Carol Walker


Session: Systemic Change though Open Education

Page 17: Islands Emerging: A Systemic Change Interpretation of a Small Island State Consortium’s Journey Toward Open University Programming and Leadership — Genevieve Gallant and Eugene Kowch

Page 18: Using ADDIE and Systems Thinking as the Framework for Developing a MOOC: A Case Study — Rebecca Croxton and Anthony Chow

To view a presentation please click on the direct link above or to browse our program please use the page numbers below.

We hope to see you at the conference or hear from you soon!


Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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