This field desperately needs more people to get involved in bringing about systemic change. This space is for Division members and visitors alike to post information about systemic change projects in which they are involved or even just ones that they know about.

In addition to systemic change projects (which undergo a systemic change process), please consider descriptions of schools or systems that have undergone systemic change as projects, even though you may not describe a formal project. Please look at the “Systemic Change” tab for criteria about the kinds of projects and schools that fit our definition of systemic change.

We also encourage members and visitors to comment about the projects and school descriptions that are posted.

  1. #1 by Charles Reigeluth on October 27, 2011 - 4:27 pm

    Systemic change in the Indianapolis Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township

    The primary goal of the Journey Toward Excellence in the MSD of Decatur Township is to bring about a paradigm change in education. Just as we needed to change the paradigm of education from the one-room schoolhouse to the current factory model of schools when we
    transitioned from the agrarian age to the industrial age, so we now need to change the paradigm of education as we transition into the information age. Read More

  2. #2 by aschow on November 9, 2011 - 5:55 pm

    Systemic change in Coweta County, GA.

    CEC was designed to meet the needs of a local community using a successful instructional or performance systems model previously used only in private industry and government environments (Harless, 1997). Referred to as “the model for technical educational reform in the state of Georgia” by the Georgia Governor in 2000, CEC’s initial eight (2000-2008) years appear to have lived up to expectations. CEC has garnered both statewide and national attention as a National Model High School in 2004 (International Center for Leadership in Education et al.) and currently serves as a model for statewide educational reform in Georgia.

    The Central Educational Center is a product of multiple visions, desires, and hopes. The ideal vision is outlined in a book entitled “The Eden Conspiracy” (Harless, 1997). Other perspectives include a requirement from local business that basic skills of high school graduates need to be rapidly improved, the desire of a growing local school system to provide costly industry-standard career-technical education to all high school students, the vision of a regional technical college to “dual enroll” high school students and make technical college a viable post-secondary option, and the hopes of a Governor looking for a viable model to support his desire to reform education partly through a new infusion of technical education opportunities. Read full article

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